This week’s activity is making your own bubble foamers! You can use these to make bubble snakes and bubble sculptures, and huge piles of sensory, squishy, and even scented bubble foam.  You can find a link to printer friendly instructions at the bottom of the post , and a YouTube video showing you how we make them if you click on the video to the right. Next week – we show you how to make your own giant bubble liquid, and how to make giant bubbles – WITH YOUR HANDS!

Step 1

Take an empty, small  plastic bottle and cut off the bottom of the bottle about half way down.  You will need sharp scissors, so let a grown up do this bit!  Once you have cut off the bottom of the bottle, you can recycling the bottom part – we are just going to use the top section.

Check around the edge for any sticking out bits that may be sharp, and cut these off.

Step 2

Take an old sock, or a square of material from an e-cloth or old T-shirt for example big enough to be able to easily cover the wide end of the bottle and hang down the sides for a few centimetres.  Place this over the end of the bottle and secure in place using an elastic band.

Step 3

Dip the fabric covered end into your bubble mixture, then put the narrow end in your mouth and BLOW! We are using Dr Zigs bubble mixture here, but you can use any bubble mixture you have, washing up liquid mixed with water and even shampoo! Baby shampoo is ideal so that if foam goes flying while you play, it won’t sting if it gets in your eyes.

Make a mini foamer

You cam make a mini foamer using a straw, a pipe cleaner and small square of cloth – these make long thin snakes and are great for making foam bubble sculptures with!  Take a straw and a small piece of cloth. Put the cloth over the end of the straw and secure by twisting a pipe cleaner around the end.

Bubble Foam Play Ideas

You can have so much fun with bubble foam! You can use the different sized foamers to make bubble foam sculptures, make bubble mountains that you can squish with your hands, or by using some spare cloth to flatten down for soft, sensory fun. 

Add food colouring or essential oil for colourful or scented foam.  You can go to the bubble hairdresser!

Make bubble hair-dos (use a shower cap if you want to stay dry) and cut the bubble hair with plastic scissors!

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