Minecraft Redstone Afterschool Club for Families in Central West Brom, Princes End, and Soho & Vic

Join Matt of Club Minecraft for 10 weeks of Redstone builds to uplevel your Minecrafting, held via Zoom and on the Club Minecraft secure private server.

These are one and a half hour sessions taking Minecrafters through the world of Redstone. Starting with block types and simple circuits, working through the use of redstone clocks & logic gates.

The sessions will also cover automated systems & farms, command blocks, target selectors scoreboards & timers.

Enough knowledge will be covered to add to your SMP games or even make your own minigame!

Prerequisites: PC edition of Minecraft Java Edition

In partnership with Club Minecraft and made possible by West Midlands Police Community Initiatives fund.

The course starts on Tuesday 26th January, every week for 10 weeks from 6.30-8.00pm and will be delivered via Zoom.
Course dates are:
Jan 26,
Feb 2,
Feb 9,
Feb 16,
Feb 23,
Mar 2,
Mar 9,
Mar 16,
Mar 23,
Mar 30,

What is Redstone?

Redstone is the Minecraft equivalent of electricity. It can be used to create amazing inventions, once you know the basics. Redstoneis one of the more advanced concepts in Minecraft. You can obtain redstone dust by mining redstone ore underground.

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