Join us for Minecraft Build & Play every Thursday 5-6pm.

The sessions are designed to be fun, relaxed and social. We have been told by parents of children who have attended that their children have grown in self confidence, engaged really well, count down to it every week, and developed friendships. Children also have the opportunity to join a safe, secure group session on Saturdays with Club Minecraft on their secure server. It’s a fantastic, safe environment for children to play online.

Aimed at ages 7-14, this is a social build and play 1-hour session. Child-led, and facilitated by Rachel of Creative Active Lives, our secure, private server is co-designed, coded and maintained by club members themselves. Members can be involved as much or as little as they want in the server development, or they can be beta testers, or they just attend to play and have fun!

Prerequisites: PC Version of Minecraft, Java Edition.

We hope you’re able to join us! We operate the server for neurodiverse children and young people, with relaxed sessions.

You can book online for individual session booking, or see our server website MineMania for more information on the server and Membership.

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