Learn how to make your own nature clay impressions. This is such a fun and easy tutorial to follow and you will end up with some fantastic clay creations. 

To make your own nature clay impressions, you will need:

    • A range of different leaves/flowers or even shells.
    • Air drying clay
    • A rolling pin 
    • Paint (mainly green for the leaves)
    • Paintbrushes and a cup of water to wash them in
    • A paint pallet
    • A tablecloth to cover the table from the clay

Instructions are below or follow along on our YouTube tutorial, which can be accessed at the bottom of this page.


Start by preparing your table with a tablecloth and have your air drying clay, rolling pin and flowers/leaves at the ready. 

I used half of this air drying clay from The Works but any air drying clay will work well.

Split the clay into four sections and roll it into balls making any wrinkles or lines disappear.

Using a rolling pin gently roll the ball out a bit, still keeping it fairly thick. (If you do not have a rolling pin not to worry you can flatten it out with your hands by pressing it down.

Do this to all four balls.

Pick out which flowers/leaves you are going to use and place them on the surface of the clay. Press down fairly hard onto the clay to create the impression and even use the rolling pin to press down. Do this to all four.

Peel away the flowers/leaves from your clay and leave the clay on the side for a few days, until it has dried and is solid. Mine took a good few days, between 4-5.

Once completely dried they are ready to be painted. You can leave them unpainted if you like but the paint brings the impression out more. 

In your paint pallet, add your paints. You can paint whichever colours you want or paint the same colours as the flowers and leaves pressed. I used green, yellow, pink and white. 

Using a small brush paint your impressions and leave once again to the side to dry.

Look how amazing they turned out. You can even try these out with various other shapes and patterns. We hope you have fun with the infinite possibilities.

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