Learn how to make these quick and easy Floating Chalk Prints! Inspiration and credit from Cassie Stephens. Link to her Blog: https://cassiestephens.blogspot.com/ and TikTok: @Cassie_Stephens

To make these prints you will need:

  • A tub or a large container filled with water
  • Paper
  • Chalk (different colours)
  • A tongue depressor or anything you can scrape chalk with that is safe to use. I used a plastic spoon.

Instructions below or follow along on our YouTube tutorial, which can be accessed at the bottom of this page.


To start, fill up the tub/container with water. Using the tongue depressor, scrape off the chalk so it lands onto the water. It should have a powder consistency which will float onto the surface. You can use different colours of chalk- to create a colourful print.

Next, get a piece of paper and place it carefully on top of the surface of the water, pick up the paper slowly to catch all the chalk.


There you have it- a floating chalk print. Leave it to the side to dry. Try different colours and you can reuse the water to make more, you will just need to add more chalk.

You could even use these prints as a cool background for your drawings.


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