In this tutorial, we have fun with paint and experimenting with colours to create a dotted painting, using sponges, cotton buds and corks! Thank to Rachel Akers from Akers of Art.

To make this painting, you will need:

  • Either a piece of paper/card to paint on or a small canvas
  • A variety of Acrylic paints (including green, light blue and brown)
  • A paintbrush and some water to clean it with
  • A paint palette
  • A paper towel
  • To create the dots on the tree you will need a range of circle shaped items such as circle sponges on sticks, cotton buds, a cork bottle top or anything else you have on hand.

Follow along on our Youtube tutorial, which can be accessed at the bottom of this page and scroll down for a printable tree outline template and dotted tree painting examples.

You could even try using this dotted painting technique to any drawing of your choice, the options are limitless!

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