Leaf painting is so much fun to do and it is simple craft activity to set up. Grab some leaves and paint and let’s get messy, to create a fantastic colourful painting. 

You will need:

  • Leaves of different sizes
  • Different colours of paint (acrylic or poster)
  • Paintbrushes and a cup of water to wash them in.
  • A paint pallet
  • Paper or card in A4 or any size above that. I used A2 to create one massive leaf painting.
  • A tablecloth or even newspaper to protect the table from paint

Scroll down and follow along with our instructions, or watch our YouTube tutorial, which can be accessed at the bottom of this page.


To start this craft, you will be needing a range of leaves, in different shapes and sizes. Explore in your garden, a local park or on a walk and collect your leaves.

Once you come home make sure your leaves are clean and have no mud on them.

Set up your table by covering it in a tablecloth, laying out the leaves and the card you are going to use. Place small amounts of paint into the paint pallet and make sure you have water in a pot with paintbrushes at the ready.

Now for the fun bit; pick out a leaf and start painting it. You can paint it however you want, with one colour or do a multi-coloured striped one. I chose pink and orange for this one.

Once you have painted it and the stem, pick it up and place it down on your piece of card and press on the leaf all over gently. This will make sure the paint gets onto the card then peel it off slowly.

Repeat the process again with different leaves and trying various colours and you will have a marvellous leaf painting. You could even overlap the leaves to create a nice effect.

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